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Documentary Production Fund

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* indicates a required field.

Before you start your application:

  • Read the current Documentary Production Fund Guidelines and the Screenwest Terms of Trade to ensure your project is eligible 
  • Discuss your application with the Screenwest Program Contact/s
  • You acknowledge that Screenwest requires all successful screen productions to register to The Everyone Project and, with the appropriate consent, send a link to the production cast and crew to take part in a confidential, voluntary, demographic survey.
  • Screenwest does not have access to any of the personal data stored by The Everyone Project - it will only receive de-identified aggregated reports which show demographic data as a whole across Australia.


The applicant must be one of the following.

Western Australian Resident Company * Required
Western Australian Resident Company in a Genuine Co-Production Partnership with a non-WA Resident Company (as defined in the Screenwest Terms of Trade) * Required
Western Australian Resident Company in an Official Treaty Co-Production relationship with a non-WA Resident Company * Required

Co-productions (Genuine and Treaty with a Western Australian Resident Producer)

Please note:

  • The terms of any co-production agreements between a Western Australian Resident Producer and a non-Western Australian Resident Producer are to be approved by Screenwest prior to any funding approval in order to ensure minimum requirements are met, as per the Screenwest Terms of Trade. 
  • The Western Australian Resident Producer must be the Applicant and a party to the Screenwest funding agreement.
I acknowledge the above

    The project must:

    Satisfy the documentary definition test outlined in the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Documentary guidelines. * Required
    Be a feature, single, series, large format (eg IMAX) or innovative project (VR, AR, Mixed Reality) * Required
    Have not entered pre-production or production prior to Screenwest’s funding decision. * Required
    Have confirmed marketplace (via a Letter of Offer) from a recognised distributor or exhibition platform for one or more of the following: • Australian theatrical release • Australian television broadcast in free to air or cable TV • International broadcaster with Australian audience footprint • Online platform with significant audience reach in Australia (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Google, Vice, The Guardian). * Required
    Have a minimum Qualifying Western Australian Expenditure (QWAE) of $300,000 * Required

    Reach a minimum of 10 points, from the WA Elements Point Allocation Table, on the following page.